Evans Community School - "A Place of High Achievement"
  • Evans Community School
    A Community School
    Evans High School unites the most important influences in a child's life - school, family and community - to create a comprehensive support system focused on student achievement and well-being.


Increasing academic achievement and student attendance


Empowering students, families and neighborhoods to succeed


Enriching lives through the arts, athletics and cultural celebrations


Preparing students to graduate and continue their education/training

Evans Wellness Cottage is Open!

Evans Wellness Cottage is located on the Evans High School campus and includes a primary care physician, nurse, counselor and dentist ready to help students, staff and community members with caring for their health and wellness needs.

Call Evans Wellness Cottage: 407-322-8645 x5070
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2014 Back to School Flyer

January 2015 Newsletter

Evans High School is much more …

Evans High School • A Community School is much more than a place for students to attend class. It’s a reflection of the hopes, dreams and aspirations of the Pine Hills community – and it provides activities, services, education and engagement to help students, parents and local citizens turn their hopes into reality.

The Hub at Evans High School centralizes these opportunities. It is open six days a week and throughout the year, opening early and closing late, to offer students a variety of activities to enhance their education, character and well-being. Other programs help parents and families to connect, form relationships and, together, become a stronger community.

Call the Hub: 407-522-3412

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